Debian 6.0

Debian 6.0

Debian 6.0 is released! I could not wait to download this distribution and test it. With the release of this version Debian has also decided to release a new website. The previous website was 13 years old so it was time for an update.
In my opinion the new website is beautiful.

Debian 6.0 uses a complete free kernel. If you want to use the non-free software you will need to add the non-free archive
Debian 6.0 functionality,

  • KDE 4.4
  • Gnome 2.30
  • Xfce 4.6

The boot manager of Debian 6.0 is the grub 2.0. Due the use of grub 2.0 it is possible to make your entire system EXT4.

The new Debian profiles itself as stable for servers but also usable for netbooks due the decrease of the boot time. They decreased boot time with starting some scripts simultaneously. There is a new file system which is called BTRFS we will do some research and write a full report about it.

So keep checking our site, we expect this report to be ready in a few weeks.

Official site:

Official wiki of btrfs:

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