New layout & Updates


As you might have noticed, I changed the layout of the blog. The main reason is very simple, Internet Explorer messed up. . . .

I don’t really know or this layout is good so any feedback is welcome.


The next couple of days you may notice some updates. I’m going to make some new categories on the website. These categories will go about my portfolio at the end of my graduating year. That’s also the reason why I’m  making those categories in Dutch.

2 Responses to “New layout & Updates”

  1. liesje Says:

    I’m liking the new layout, it’s better I think.
    And leave some “duvel” for me right!
    Appointment: somewhere in juni right? :D

  2. yokke Says:


    Of course I will keep some “Duvel” for you…. :D .
    I’m planning the first party in June indeed. But this summer will be like the summer of 69 :D with lots of parting! :D