Posted in Project & Portfolio on April 16th, 2011 by yokke

In de links hieronder leg ik stuk voor stuk uit met het nodige bewijsmateriaal hoe en waarom ik over een bepaalde competentie beschik. Niet alle bewijsstukken die in de tekst staan zijn voor iedereen beschikbaar. Het kan zijn dat bepaalde bestanden niet downloadbaar zijn tenzij u via het TOLEDO+ platform ingelogd bent. Dit komt bijvoorbeeld door het embargo op mij eindwerk.

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Gnome 3 The first experience

Posted in Fedora on April 14th, 2011 by yokke

I’m always trying out the latest features in Linux, so Gnome 3 could not stay behind.

Fedora 15 Alpha (note the Alpha) is the only Linux distribution with which I’m familiar, So I chose this one to install. The live image from Fedora 15 Alpha is only about 670MB. After a few minutes of downloading I flashed the ISO to an USB with unetbootin.

Fedora 15 boots nice an quickly. Again Fedora choose not to include any proprietary packages like MP3. So standard this distribution is completely open source. It’s not a problem to install MP3 thanks to “non-free plugins“.

The big moment we’ve all been waiting for is the Gnome 3. At this moment of writing I’ve only played about  24 hours with the new Gnome interface. My first impression…. I Love the new interface. Comparing gnome 2 with gnome 3 is quite hard. Not to say impossible. The interface has changed completely.

The Gnome 3 interface is very fast and stable, even withouth the support of a graphical adapater. (I must say that on my pc (at home) the interface crashes! I don’t know wether this is gnome’s fault or fedora)

At first I thought the multiple desktop feature disappeared. No worries, I’ve found the multiple desktops again. In Gnome 2 the multiple desktops were horizontal. Now the multiple desktops are vertical.

Also now we’ve got unlimited desktops, when your last desktop is in use, Gnome 3 will automatic create a new desktop. Changing between the desktops is quite easy, in Gnome 2 we used crtl + alt + left or right, in Gnome 3 we use (I’m sure you can guess) crtl + alt + up or down.

Alt + Tab will give you all the applications, even this ones running on an other desktop. You can see when the application is running on an other desktop due the line that’s between the application. (Unfortunately I haven’t got a screen shot of this.

Fedora 15 still has a lot of packages that are crashing! However for now I haven’t got any problems with this release that are really disturbing.


When you start an application you get a message the moment the application has fully loaded. For gimp or something this is very useful. You can keep reading, or surfing or whatever! and once the application has loaded you get a nice message.

When you press the “Windows key” and choose “Applications” you get an overview of all the applications. On the left you see my favourite applications.

The fast chat from fedora…. Really nice. You don’t have to open a chat window any more to answer .

So far for this first post. I hope you enjoyed reading and if you like to see more, download the fedora and boot it up! You don’t even have to install it if you’re afraid of the “Alpha”.