Trapster moderator

I’m proud to announce that from today, actually the day before yesterday, I’m a Trapster moderator for Belgium. The next weeks and month I’ll spend some time on fixing Belgium and reporting traps.

What it Trapster?

Trapster is a free application for mobile phones and some GPS devices. This application knows every speed camera and other dangerous “traps”. Users can inform each other on where the traps currently are. So whats the task of the moderator? Well the moderators needs to make sure that everything is being reported correctly, abusive users needs to be banned.

In Belgium we haven’t that many users yet. But that’s going to be my task. From now on I’m going to report all the mobile speed cameras as fast as possible. Doing this I hope that Trapster will finally lift off in Belgium. In the next three months me and some friends will drive around in Belgium to see or all the traps are still valid.

I’ve you like to help us contact me or Trapster :)

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