Update Update Update :)

third post of the day!

Some updates:

  • From now on you can follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/#!/trIx0r (I’ll soon add the twitter button)
  • http://www.yorkim.be is reachable over IPv6 and IPv4, if you like to test IPv6 go to http://ipv6.yorkim.be, normally when you surf to yorkim.be and you can route IPv6 this will be preferred above IPv4
  • My portfolio is slowly coming online. This will be written in Dutch and no translation will be available. (we have Google translate for that).
  • Working on a IPv6 review
  • Working on a Astaro Beta 8.2 Review (they delayed the new release so the review will be delayed as well)

That’s it for now :) if you have any questions send me an email on info@yorkim.be

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