Test environment

Why would I need a test environment?

Well, you need it to test…… I think it’s obvious that it is important to test your new software or hardware before implementing it. For example you need to test it on stability, scalability and security. Implementing new software or upgrading software contains certain risks.

  • The update might fail and the software isn’t usable anymore
  • The new software may damage other software
  • The new software may create some new security issues

As you see, it is important to test before you implement otherwise you are taking the risk of crashing an entire network.

My test environment

My own test environment is not that big. I’ve got 2 servers. Both of them run multiple VM’s. The VM’s run on a private network so they don’t interrupt with my network traffic and they also use there own vlan. Both servers are running on Debian 6.0.

The switching in my network is provided by the Cisco 2960.

As you see you don’t need to invest like 1000 of euro’s to make a descent testing platform. Every old PC can be a great test server or if your PC is strong enough you can virtualize on your on PC.

If you have any question about how you can start your own private network without getting an angry wife or angry parents. Contact me and I will help you.

My server

Here are some pictures of my server. This beast has 11.05 TB on disks 5 X 1,5 in Raid 5, 2 x 1 TB in Raid 1, 1,5 TB backup disk, 500 GB OS disk. This server has about 20 Virtual Machines up and running for testing.